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Man Stuff

fitness-strength-strong-maleRelationships between men are much different than relationships between women. It’s true that men don’t need to tell the tiniest details of every story. Men just want the big picture. They just want to cut to the chase. That doesn’t mean that they are not good at friendships; it just means they do it differently.

Men enjoy entertainment that helps them bond with each other. For them, it’s less about the activity that they are actually doing and more about actually socializing. Jeering and teasing are all in good fun and bragging rights count. Most men can take it, just as well as thy dish it out.

This blog is for men who want to reconnect with their buddies and are looking for new ways to strengthen bonds with male friends that move past the beer and poker night at someone’s house. If you’re looking for some new ways to spend time with the guys, you’ll definitely want to check out the entertainment ideas on this blog.

pexels-photo-169667Entertaining Man Cave Style

Go camping taking nothing but your supplies and a hammock. Have a contest to see who can hang the hammock the best or the fastest. Sleep under the stars and really enjoy it.

A lot of men enjoy working out, but they don’t always do it together. One idea is to join the same gym and make plans to work out on the same day at the same time. Meet up on some hiking trails and do some running together. Check out some of the charity runs and raise some money for your favorite charity at the same time. Get down and dirty with a color run or a mud run.

Plan a fishing trip—a big fishing trip like deep sea fishing. Try some new watersports together like parasailing or spend the day tubing. If you want to do something less big, how about challenging yourselves to build a boat from nothing but cardboard and duct tape and sail it around a short course on a local lake. The boat that sinks buys the drinks. Dry off on the beach and grill up some meat. Break out bags of chips and do your favorite thing—socialize.

Guys like to fix things. Why not fix them together? Figure out who has a project that needs to be done at their home. Set a weekend to get it done. Round up the guys, gather up the tools, start early, and work late. Take a break midday and go out and shoot some hoops.

Every once in a while, guys like to be pampered too. Their feet may swell and ache and are covered with callouses. Set up a day for the men to go to the spa to get a pedicure, complete with leg massage. Add on a manicure and get rid of the dirt under your fingernails. Schedule an appointment to soften tough facial skin with a professional facial. Maybe you’ll go the whole gamut and opt for a full body massage. There is just one rule for the spa day. Relax!

This blog is intended for guys who are looking for some ideas to spend some quality time socializing together. It’s a space where you can think outside watching a sporting event on television or playing some video games.

This blog has the best ideas on how to take a trip, have an adventure, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Collectibles aren’t just piles of old junk. They can include memorabilia that have personal meaning for you. They can also serve as investments. People may be willing to buy your collectibles for more than their intrinsic value. The possibility to make a profit from these objects makes collecting an enticing pastime.

Men in the wild!

Men in the wild!

Why People Collect Things

Everyone is a collector of some kind. Some parents collect their children’s schoolwork. Some people collect photographs that were taken throughout their lives. Other people keep more traditional collectibles, like stamps or baseball cards. Certain people collect unusual objects, like the tabs from soda cans.

When it comes to the psychology of collecting, experts believe that there are several reasons why people collect things. People may collect items because they hope the value will increase in the future. They may also collect things for pure enjoyment. Some people find a social aspect to collecting. These people enjoy going to swap meets and joining groups of like-minded collectors. Others collect objects to preserve items from the past. Collecting can provide satisfaction, fulfillment and an ongoing journey.

pexels-photo-38091Common Collectibles

Coins are some of the most popular collectibles. Some coins have intrinsic value because of the material from which they’re made. Others have value because they are rare. Coin clubs give collectors a place to meet, talk about their items and exchange, sell or purchase their collectible coins.

People collect all kinds of art. They may collect photographs from a certain era or folk art. Many people collect posters and prints because they are more affordable to purchase than original works of art.

Books and periodicals are popular collectibles. Some people search for first edition prints or antique children’s books. Many people collect comics. Others gather magazine or newspaper clippings surrounding certain topics.

Cards are popular collectibles. Most people are familiar with the idea of collecting sports cards. Other types of trading cards include those that feature characters from TV shows, cartoons or celebrities.

Many household items are collectibles. Jewelry, music boxes, perfume bottles and silverware are popular items to collect. Decorative figurines are common collectibles. Some people collect antique Christmas decorations.

Historical items that pertain to a particular theme can be fun to collect. Railroad enthusiasts might collect objects that were used in old trains or railroad stations. Many people collect vintage smoking instruments. War artifacts or replicas are also popular collectibles.

pexels-photo-164552How Much Are Your Collectibles Worth?

You may want to sell your collection and hopefully make a profit. You might just want to know how much it’s worth for insurance reasons. Pricing your collectibles is not a straightforward task. Appraisers can give you a professionally written appraisal for your items based on the recent recorded sales amounts. You can get an estimated value from many online appraisal services. You can do your own research by comparing your items with those in an antique mall or online auction.

If you do decide to sell your collection, you will get a different price depending on whether you sell it to an antique dealer or to a consumer at auction. Do your research if making a profit is important to you.

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