Why Movie Streaming is still the Future!

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Why Movie Streaming is still the Future!

It has only been a few short years since movie streaming services first became widespread and used at the expense of DVDs and other physical media devices. Since then they have taken over the hearts and wallets of movie and television show watchers who have increasingly subscribed to these media streaming services. While the growth of movie streaming services has been significant, they are still in their infancy and are the medium by which movie watching will be conducted in the future.

Growing Usage of Portable Devices

More so than ever, people watch movies while they are on the go and on mobile devices. This may be while they are on their daily commute or away from their laptop or desktop devices. Regardless, a need for additional mobility is leading to individuals increasingly choosing tablets and mobile phones to watch movies. Using a physical disk drive is a big inconvenience for these devices while a movie steaming service is perfect for a mobile lifestyle as well as for the devices that virtually everyone has nowadays (smart phones and tablets).

Cross Screen Functionality

Movie streaming devices and services are the perfect solution for the cross-screen devices that people are commonly using to watch movies. A person may start watching a movie on their cell phone while commuting from work on public transportation, switch to their television while they are relaxing in the evening, and then watch the end of the movie or television show from their bed before they fall asleep. This cross screen functionality is the perfect solution for the way in which people want to watch movies, now and in the future.

Varying Technologies and Long-Term Nature of Digital Media

Technology is ever changing and the devices used today will not be used in the future to consume media. Many of those people who are old enough to remember the transition from VHS media to DVDs and the move from DVDs to Blu-Ray, will fully understand the benefits of using streaming services as opposed to physical media devices. Many forms of physical media will also beak or become scratched and movie streaming services remove the risk of the loss of these movies due to this breakage.

Subscription Services

Movie streaming services allow users to watch movies online and gain access to a wide range of different movies and television shows above and beyond what you may be interested in purchasing. This provides a cost effective alternative for large movie watchers and can expand the horizons of others who may be inclined to explore new media that they were not previously exposed to. As a result, free movies online streaming services (see 123movies) have greatly expanded on the library of different movies that a user has access to and this greater level of choice for consumers is surely part of the future of media consumption.

Movie streaming services are already popular, but are unlikely to be replaced by any future media device, due to the adaptability and wide range of choices that are afforded to users of these streaming services. As such, these movie streaming services are likely to be the media option of choice in the future, just as they are today.

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Collectibles aren’t just piles of old junk. They can include memorabilia that have personal meaning for you. They can also serve as investments. People may be willing to buy your collectibles for more than their intrinsic value. The possibility to make a profit from these objects makes collecting an enticing pastime.

Men in the wild!

Men in the wild!

Why People Collect Things

Everyone is a collector of some kind. Some parents collect their children’s schoolwork. Some people collect photographs that were taken throughout their lives. Other people keep more traditional collectibles, like stamps or baseball cards. Certain people collect unusual objects, like the tabs from soda cans.

When it comes to the psychology of collecting, experts believe that there are several reasons why people collect things. People may collect items because they hope the value will increase in the future. They may also collect things for pure enjoyment. Some people find a social aspect to collecting. These people enjoy going to swap meets and joining groups of like-minded collectors. Others collect objects to preserve items from the past. Collecting can provide satisfaction, fulfillment and an ongoing journey.

pexels-photo-38091Common Collectibles

Coins are some of the most popular collectibles. Some coins have intrinsic value because of the material from which they’re made. Others have value because they are rare. Coin clubs give collectors a place to meet, talk about their items and exchange, sell or purchase their collectible coins.

People collect all kinds of art. They may collect photographs from a certain era or folk art. Many people collect posters and prints because they are more affordable to purchase than original works of art.

Books and periodicals are popular collectibles. Some people search for first edition prints or antique children’s books. Many people collect comics. Others gather magazine or newspaper clippings surrounding certain topics.

Cards are popular collectibles. Most people are familiar with the idea of collecting sports cards. Other types of trading cards include those that feature characters from TV shows, cartoons or celebrities.

Many household items are collectibles. Jewelry, music boxes, perfume bottles and silverware are popular items to collect. Decorative figurines are common collectibles. Some people collect antique Christmas decorations.

Historical items that pertain to a particular theme can be fun to collect. Railroad enthusiasts might collect objects that were used in old trains or railroad stations. Many people collect vintage smoking instruments. War artifacts or replicas are also popular collectibles.

pexels-photo-164552How Much Are Your Collectibles Worth?

You may want to sell your collection and hopefully make a profit. You might just want to know how much it’s worth for insurance reasons. Pricing your collectibles is not a straightforward task. Appraisers can give you a professionally written appraisal for your items based on the recent recorded sales amounts. You can get an estimated value from many online appraisal services. You can do your own research by comparing your items with those in an antique mall or online auction.

If you do decide to sell your collection, you will get a different price depending on whether you sell it to an antique dealer or to a consumer at auction. Do your research if making a profit is important to you.

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