About Us

JeremyIn recent years, men are reclaiming their inner manhood. Women are recognizing that when men have the opportunity for a little “bro time,” they are better companions overall. The emergence of the popularity of man caves tells us that men cherish a little private, manly space of their own. They want a place to shoot some pool, have a few drinks, and park their hind ends in a gaming chair that provides a full body experience, complete with realistic vibrations and stereo speakers.

The founder of this blog, Jeremy Booker, found that he was always tending to the needs of his wife and children. While he found that immensely satisfying, he really started to miss spending time with the guys. He actually started resenting spending time with family because he just didn’t feel fulfilled.

Jeremy knew that it was time for a little “guy time.” He arranged for a hunting trip with three of his closest friends. They rented a cabin in the woods, cleaned up their rifles, and headed up to the great northwest. His buddies needed exactly what he needed—some time for sport and relaxation.

They did end up with some game. More importantly they reclaimed the bonds of friendship, vowing to take an annual trip somewhere together in the future.

Jeremy created this blog to provide ideas for other men who want to take trips or do fun activities with other male friends. Every trip doesn’t have to be a cabin in the woods. It just needs to be one where guys connect. If you’re looking for ways to do that, you’ve come to the right place.


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